Fruit Production


Due to its generally constant climate, with sunny hills and valleys, and lack of cold currents, the Bistrita Depression presents the ideal conditions for producing high quality fruit.

Taking advantage of the favorable natural conditions and the local tradition in agriculture, we have divided our production into two farms that are a harmonious mix of local tradition and know-how, and modern technology. They are specialized in growing different varieties of apples, plums and cherries. Of the different apple varieties, our production includes Jonathan, Golden Delicious, Starkrimson, Braeburn, Jonagold, Topas, Gala, Pinova, Idared, Golden Reiders, Fuji, Remo, Reanda, Reglindis, Apache or Rubinette Rosso. Our production of plums includes Stanley, Elena, Cacanska Leoptica, Blue Free and Bistritene, while from the types of cherries we produce we mention Queen, Cordia and Karina.

The Pombis farms are located in Ciceu Mihaiesti and Dipsa with a total area of approximately 300 hectares. Annual production amounts rise, in the case of apples, to about 5000-6000 tons/year and, in the case of plums, to 700 tons/year. Of the annual production of plums, 85% is exported. Apart from the areas cultivated with orchards, Ciceu Mihaiesti Farm houses a fruit warehouse with controlled atmosphere, built under the SAPARD program, where apples, plums and cherries of our own production are annually stored or pre-cooled in the best possible conditions.



Pombis owns a farm located in Dipsa Village, which houses a total of 60 dairy cattle of the Romanian Baltata breed and German Baltata mixed with Red Holstein. The milking of the cows is done mechanically, while the milk processing is realized in partnership with a specialized company.

Of the young cattle, the females are kept mainly for the development and replacement of the livestock, while the young males are capitalized through export with the help of specialized companies.



The company operates a department specialized in the production of pastry, which is equipped by European standards. Our pastry production provides the daily supply for many shops in Bistrita-Nasaud County and includes fresh products such as: croissants, bagels, and other specialties. The main outlets for these products are our own shops located close to downtown Bistrita.


sucuri naturale

After a process of technological development, possible through European funding,in spring 2011, Pombis launched on the Romanian market two 100% natural juice brands, produced from our own apple harvests. Obtained by fruit pressing, without further additions of water, sweeteners or preservatives, Alma and Livada cu soare meet consumers' growing demand of buying natural, healthy products.