Alma - Simply, Apple Juice!

The word alma represents the popular name of Malus Sieversii, the ancestor of today's apple tree. In Latin, Spanish and Italian, alma means soul. In Irish, it means very good while the Swedes use the word with the meaning of tender. In hungarian, alma means apple.

Alma - Pur si simplu, suc de mere

We undertook all these meanings and translated it into a product of high quality, with no sweeteners, preservatives or additions of water, produced entirely from fruit naturally grown in our own orchards.

For us, Alma means: Simply, Apple Juice!

Through its bag-in-box packaging, Alma keeps all its natural properties for up to 30 days after first opening the container. Moreover, through pasteurization, the juice has an expiry date of up to 12 months as long as the package is not opened and the product is kept in a cool place out of the light. Alma juice is being packaged in boxes of 3 and 5 liters and sold in various stores in Bistrita and Cluj-Napoca.

For any further details about Alma juice production and distribution, please contact us!

Points of sale:

Whole country:


  • Own shops on Imparatul Traian Street (address: Imparatul Traian Street, no. 58D, Bistrita, Bistrita-Nasaud County) and Decebal Square (address: Decebal Square, Bistrita, Bistrita-Nasaud County)
  • Camara Bunicii shop
  • Gama shops
  • Alma shops
  • Metropolis Hotel
  • Tonight pizza


  • Vino stand in the Cora parking
  • Lechinta Vino Store, Titulescu Blvd. 39
  • Grigorescu grocery store
  • Tonight pizza


  • Pombis SA Bistrita
  • Address: Bistrita, Republicii Blvd. 65
  • Tel/fax: +40 263 231278
  • Email:
  • Juice factory:
  • Viisoara, Nr. 175, Bistrita-Nasaud
  • Tel: +40 263 341 253
  • Mobile: +40 737 520 090
  • Facebook: Alma Suc de Mere