Livada cu soare - Apples caressed by light

Because we believe that tasty and healthy products should be accessible to anyone, we looked for a solution to commercialize our 100% natural apple juice in a way that affordable for anyone.

Livada cu soare - Din mere mangaiate de lumina

That is why we launched Livada cu Soare, a juice bottled in 2 liter PET type package, succeeding thereby to offer the market a low-cost, high quality product. Unlike many other drinks distributed at similar prices, Livada cu soare is a completely natural juice, produced exclusively from pressed apples, without additions of water, sweeteners or preservatives.

Unless opened and if kept in optimal conditions, the products preserve their initial properties for a year. If the bottle it's unsealed, the juice should be consumed within 5 days.

For any further details on the production and distribution of Livada cu soare, please contact us!

Points of sale:


  • Own shops on Imparatul Traian Street (address: Imparatul Traian Street, no. 58D, Bistrita, Bistrita-Nasaud County) and Decebal Square (address: Decebal Square, Bistrita, Bistrita-Nasaud County)
  • Camara Bunicii shop
  • Gama shops
  • Alma shops
  • Metropolis Hotel
  • Tonight pizza


  • Vino stand in the Cora parking
  • Lechinta Vino Store, Titulescu Blvd. 39
  • Grigorescu grocery store
  • Tonight pizza


  • Pombis SA Bistrita
  • Address: Bistrita, Republicii Blvd. 65
  • Tel/fax: +40 263 231278
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  • Juice factory:
  • Viisoara, Nr. 175, Bistrita-Nasaud
  • Tel: +40 263 341 253
  • Mobile: +40 737 520 090
  • Facebook: Alma Suc de Mere